DongA Money Transfer Company - DongA Bank's Subsidiary - One of the 50 most famous brands in Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of countries attracting huge remittance in the world, especially in opened economy, many policies which encourage Vietnamese in overseas to send money back for investment are highly supported by government and banks. This will make a significant contribution to national economy and social development. Not being out of this trend, Dong A Money Transfer Co., Ltd (DongA Money Transfer) was established to meet the increasing demands of transferring and sending from Vietnamese people living in overseas. Having experience in foreign exchange market, DongA Money Transfer understands customers want to transfer more things than just purely money. Therefore, becoming “The bridge of sentimental value” is the mission which each member of company always try best to complete. Operating services such as: Counter Pick-up, Receiving money through bank account were built and launched to timely meet demands of customers in the fastest, securest and the most effective way. In particularly, our Home Delivery service that was pioneering launched has received great supports from customers and been highly regarded by partners as well as well-known financial institutions. To be more specific, MoneyGram chose DongA Money Transfer as the first partner to launch Home Delivery service in 2015.

After 15 years establishment and development, DongA Money Transfer has expanded our branches , locations across country (Over 220 transactions locations at 57/63 provinces/cities); Cooperated with big partners such as: Omnex Group, MoneyGram, Xpress Money, IME,… broaden 350.000 locations transferring money to Vietnam in order to help customers could send money from over 180 nations and locations in the world. Besides, we have always continuously invest in system development, applying modern technology to operating to bring satisfactions about quality of service as well as customer services at the highest level.

In progress to achieve “Becoming well-known company providing services to Vietnamese overseas community”, DongA Money Transfer Company has been gradually reached great achievements through awards:

  • Finance company of the year Vietnam awarded by Asian Banking and Finance Magazine
  • Best Delivery Finance Product Company Vietnam awarded by Global Banking and Finance Review, London.

These are strong evidences for us to prove and commit: SECURE – FAST – GUARANTEED – RELIABLE that DongA Money Transfer will bring to customers, and confidently affirm our brand “DongA Money Transfer – Transfer full happiness”

Vision - Mission

The Best Company provides financial service for overseas Vietnamese