Which document do customer need to receive money from abroad to Vietnam at DongA Money Transfer Company?

In order to receive money from relatives in overseas to Vietnam, beneficiaries need to bring the following documents to the branch network of DongA Bank and DongA Money Transfer Company.
+ Valid original ID card or passport

Which currencies can customer receive at DongA Money Transfer Company Network?

Customers can receive foreign currency in accordance with relatives’ foreign currency send to them. Such as USD, EUR, CAD, AUD or VND.

What is customer right once receiving money at DongA Money Transfer Company?

When customers receive money at DongA Money Transfer Company, they will the special benefits as follows:
- Safety and confidentiality: The information of the customer is always confidential at DongA Money Transfer Company.
- Modern technology: Customers always receive money with the right amount and on time.
- Fastest delivery time: DongA Money Transfer Company immediately notify customer or deliver to door once money transfer from abroad to us.
- Nationwide network: Number of branches/transaction offices at 54/63 provinces across the country.

Do I need to pay personal income tax or any fee once I receive remittance?

The customers do not have to pay personal income tax once they receive remittance
- Besides, the customers do not have to pay any fee for home delivery and counter pickup services.

Can I receive remittances in Vietnam dong or not?

The customer can request any DongA Money Transfer Branches to convert foreign currency into Vietnam dong with a current rate issued by DongA Money Transfer Company.

How much is the maximum amount I can send from abroad to Vietnam?

- Each country has a limit for transfer money abroad. The maximum amount you can transfer depends on the regulations and laws in that country's banking services, state or territory and depends on policies and regulations of each bank or remittance company .
- No limit the amount that the customer can receive at DongA Money Transfer Company.

How can I know the status of the money I have transferred?

For detailed information on the status of money transfers, please email or call us. The detailed contact information is in contacts section. Or you can contact with the bank where to send money by yourself, ask them to check the status of your money sending with them, if there is an error please ask the bank to make a change.